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This is a meta post about this website, and finding the impulse to actually write something.

It's been a real while since I've first had the idea of posting stuff on a personal site. And I don't really have writer's block - I have a lot of writing topics in mind. I just know that I won't be any good at writing them, at least in the beginning. And I still have an issue with not being good at something from the start. So I'm using the New Year as an excuse to somewhat force myself to write something, anything, which in a meta way takes the form of this post you're reading. I find it kind of poor style to write meta instead of actual content for a first actual post, but well. Forced to deal with the limitations of my brain.

I'd like this website to be shrouded in a not too thick, but still perceptible, veil of mystery. The stuff I'm interested in, and maybe some other information about me in general, will probably become somewhat transparent as I post. I'm just not willing to put my whole person to display at once, both because I find it uninteresting and maybe actually distracting from the actual content I'd like to post, and because I don't like the spotlight (not that there could be any actual spotlight from writing obscure posts on an unknown website hidden somewhere in the wide expanse of the Internet, but, y'know).

So maybe it's a blog. I don't know. I may call it that whenever I feel like it. In general, I'll do things when and how I feel like it. That's a given if I want to keep being able to write somewhat freely. (Which is why you may find that I write in poor style: I simply can't afford to care about your opinion on that. I'm not yet proficient at writing anything in the first place, so I'm even less certain that I'm able to both write and apply effort on my writing style.)

Hopefully this becomes a place where you can lose yourself and delve somewhat deep in various topics, which should be on a level as technical as I can understand them myself.

To the New Year.

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